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Americans Were Asked To Place European Countries On A Map. Here’s What They Wrote:

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I wish every day started with a “previously on” so that I’d know which of my life’s plot points were going to be important that day

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  • Me: *watches S1 of Supernatural*
  • Husband: Why are you watching a show about implausibly pretty douchebags?
  • Me: *watches S2 of Supernatural*
  • Husband: You're seriously still watching this?
  • Me: *watches S3 of Supernatural*
  • Husband: OK, so the funny episodes are pretty awesome.
  • Me: *watches S4 of Supernatural*
  • Husband: Jensen Ackles sounds like a lumberjack.
  • Husband: ...One more episode.
  • Me: *watches S5 of Supernatural*
  • Husband: You're getting too far ahead. We should watch the last few episodes together.
  • Me: *watches S6 of Supernatural*
  • Husband: Oh, come on! Why are Christian and the other Campbells being such dicks to Dean? He's killed stuff they've never even heard of!
  • Me: Are you feeling emotionally protective of Dean Winchester?
  • Husband: ....Maybe.